Going Feminine With The Latest Promo Video!

A feminine slant to acrylic photo frames

Are you a family photo fanatic? If so you are going to love this. It seems that a UK based photo frame manufacturer, Get Acrylic Photo Frames, has just released the latest in a string of introductory product videos that are designed to exemplify their product ranges.

So why is this news worthy? Let the boss explain:

Steve Hogg, the man behind the designs and product ranges at the main plant in Waterlooville, Hampshire told me “We have been working closely with a creative video promotions company for the last two years. Together we have been producing a series of quite jazzy product videos that, in my mind, have really exemplified the essence of what we are able to offer our customers…or so we thought!”

Asking him what he meant by that, he explained “Well, we hadn’t added to our acrylic photo frames promo videos for about two months, so getting back to the project with fresh eyes gave us a new insight”

With a bit more prodding he revealed that because more than half his buyers are females, they realized that none of the videos had a particularly feminine slant to them and that this wasn’t good! Now aware that they weren’t fully addressing more than half of their customers needs, the team sprang into action.

From that point on Steve told me that it was all plain sailing. Ideas flowed and the production company got to work. In what seemed like no time at all the video was previewed by Steve Hogg and his team. Happily it is now set for release on Monday 15th of August 2011.

Steve told me they wanted a simple title to fit in well within the existing video series. After many nail biting discussions they kept to the basics and have called it ‘Love Acrylic Photo Frames’. It can be previewed before the official release date on You Tube.

Being fortunate enough to have had a sneak preview myself, I can report that the video, which is 2 minutes 44 seconds long is pretty good. It sets sliding images of the product ranges into beautiful rose petal strewn scenes and so is definitely feminine. Perhaps most cleverly of all, the video production company have woven excerpts from actual customer testimonials into this video quite seamlessly. Finally, the romantic French music makes it a real joy to experience from start to finish.

It seems that Steve Hogg and his team are on to a winner here. No doubt the video will garner many viewers and who knows, may even go viral!

& Here It Is:

Love Acrylic Photo frames

Author: Steve Hogg

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