The continued rise of Acrylic Photo Frames single chair 900

The continued rise of Acrylic Photo Frames

When it comes to good interior design, it is important to be quite particular over which type of photo frames you choose to display your images in. This is especially important in relation to both your favourite pictures and the ones that are displayed in more prominent areas. In this article I am going to cover some ideas that will show exactly why acrylic photo frames are quite justifiably now more popular than ever. Also why they are often being chosen over the more traditional metal and wood frames.

One thing that is certain is that quality varies amongst photo frames, and many cheaper ones can do your photos and display areas a great dis-service.

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First, are your home furnishings modern?

Modern interior design often lends itself to clean lines, corridors which are open to the light as well as bright communal areas. It is important to support these zones by using a minimal amount of fixtures and fittings that truly enhance the feel of these spaces. When choosing images to display in these environments you will generally want ones that make a bold statement, acting as a focal point.

When framing such images, acrylic photo frames offer the perfect compliment as they will only ever enhance the depth and mood of bold images. Other frame materials will be harder to match up, and they will risk spoiling the visual cohesion of your main display areas.

Are your interiors more austere and formal?

If your home or office environment is austere or formal, an image introduced into that environment can have quite an impact. This is especially so if it is a wall size picture.

Because of this, it is important to make a careful choice when selecting the preferred style of photo frame. As always, it is a matter of taste, however with today’s fashions an ornate frame may seem rather ‘chintzy’.

An effective alternative will always be the sleek and stylish acrylic photo frame. Being a simple design of clear acrylic, the colours of your picture will be enhanced and the image itself will not be upstaged by the frame; neither will the room around it!

What does the ‘traditional look’ require?

Even traditional homes can sometimes benefit form a modern style of photo frame, especially a high quality one that benefits form elegant lines. Both Wood frames and metal frames can offer this when they are well styled, however the more certain option is to choose acrylic photo frames. The nature of these products leads them to look naturally elegant an so compliment the traditional look of some homes.

Let’s face it. the reality is that if a photo frame is mismatched with the picture, then the effect is poor. Now if the frame is not lined up with the look of the display area, then it will look like it belongs in some other persons home. Generally what is needed is for you to choose a simple, elegant frame that does not catch the eye for all of the wrong reasons.

The Interior Designers Choice

The kinds of display areas that interior designers like to put magnetic acrylic block photo frames and the printed block acrylic frames in are more modern and contemporary areas, such as placing them on glass topped tables, modern shelving or other modern furniture. This class of frames suit those home styles perfectly.

The more ornate rooms may well benefit from ornate frames, however the beauty of natural woods in a well designed room sit well against the elegance and natural simplicity of acrylics.

Other factors to consider when choosing acrylic photo frames are the border area beyond the edge of the image, the thickness of the acrylic itself and also the fittings for hanging the frame.

Most acrylic frames allow for the option of the correct sizing for your image to be flush with the edges of the frames, also for the frame to be over sized allowing for a clear border around the edges of your image. This is a matter of personal choice, however many people are choosing the styles which allow for the image to be displayed in a frame of the exact same dimensions.

Acrylic panels for photo frames are produced in sizes that range from 2mm up to 20mm. A normal thickness for the panel which is over the image will be 2mm thick. A back panel is often 5mm. This changes with acrylic photo blocks where the photo is sandwich between two 10mm panels.

Acrylic Printed Frames that have the image printed directly on to them range from 5mm to 10mm, or in the case of the table top block styles, these are normally 20mm. The fact is that the thicker the acrylic, the better the effect, however as the thickness increases, so does the price and the weight.

I am sure that the last thing you will want to do is break the mood of a display area or spoil the impact of a significant image with a poorly chosen frame. The trick is to enhance your photos and the areas that they are to be displayed in with the correct frames. The answer to this challenge always be found by choosing the best acrylic photo frames.

Author: Steve Hogg

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