Certificate Frames: Everything You Ever Needed To Know

certificate frames

Certificate Frames In All Varieties

The latest styles of acrylic certificate frames are available in sizes suitable for framing A4 and A5 certificates as well as sizes to fit virtually any other custom sized document you need to frame. You can choose from magnetic certificate frames, frames with corner fastenings and a plain or decorative border around the certificate. All of these can be found in desktop or wall mounted certificate frames models. Since these are small and relatively simple frames, they’re very affordable; but these acrylic certificate frames will protect and showcase your certificate or other document for years to come.

Acrylic Is A Stunning Material For Certificate Frames

Many of the companies who manufacture acrylic certificate frames can provide fully customized frames, complete with silk screening, engraving or vinyl lettering, ideal for corporate gifts or special occasions. Custom frames are also available from most manufacturers which feature glassy, matte or pearl finishes as well as in a wide variety of colors, including translucent models.

Be Confident When Displaying Your Awards In Acrylic Certificate Frames

Of course, what you really want is for people to notice your certificates, not your certificate frames. For that reason, modern acrylic frame styles are the best option, since they do something that conventional frames do not they stay in the background, letting the document stand out, not the frame. You will not need to mat the certificate and since acrylic is much less fragile than glass, you do not have to worry about the glass in the frame being broken. It is also easy to clean and protects your certificate; and best of all, it tells your visitors that you are looking towards the future, not the past.

In the end, however, whether a traditional wood and glass frame or more contemporary acrylic certificate frames are best for you is entirely a personal choice. There is nothing wrong with wood and glass, it is a classic look; but if you want something modern and sophisticated while still being inexpensive, then acrylic is a material you should think about. It provides high performance and a sleek, stylish look which is perfect for forward thinking businesses and individuals.
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Author: Steve Hogg

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