Press Release: Manufacturing Entrepreneur Steve Hogg Announces A New Range Of Designer Acrylic Photo Frames ‘Acrylic Photo Prints’

UK based Steve Hogg of Get Acrylic Photo Frames, Waterlooville, Hampshire has just announced the launch of an innovative range of printed acrylic photo frames that are only available online. These new styles are unique in that they include a newly designed invisible wall hanging system that give the acrylic panels the appearance of floating clear of the wall. The specialist printing process, which produces particularily vibrant colours, allows for printing in all sizes from tiny A5’s up to huge A0 wall sizes. Get Acrylic photo frames is a trading name of Sunlight Plastics Ltd. A video preview of the entire range can be seen here:, Managing Director Steve Hogg can be contacted at or 02392 240200,

WATERLOOVILLE, UK – Hampshire businessman Steve Hogg, head of sales at Get Acrylic Photo Frames announced the launch of a new range of innovative designer acrylic photo frames. He is expecting uptake of this new Acrylic Photo Prints range to be high because businesses and consumers can order their own images to be printed directly onto acrylic panels of all sizes for stunning, high intensity displays. He hopes that his specialised manufacturing process, which offers fast turnaround times, significantly lower costs plus a unique invisible ‘floating effect’ wall hanging system will all lead to major benefits for the end users.

He says that he is confident of the success of this product because “After the release of a new and innovative range of sports shirt frames in the spring of 2012 we have been enjoying significant increases in sales, not only in the UK but also large numbers are being sold into Europe itself” and he feels that “This is only going to expand our customer base further and enable us to deliver a popular range of display products to a much wider audience”.

Since their first major e-commerce campaign in 2009, Get Acrylic Photo Frames have been online offering an ever increasing range of modern contemporary acrylic photo frames. They have found that the traditional photographic sizes, such as 10″x8″s and 20″x16″s, are still every bit as popular as the ‘A’ size ranges. With this in mind, this latest range of Acrylic Photo Prints with it’s unique ‘floating effect’ wall hanging system is being made available in both custom and stock sizes. The stock sizes offer a slightly faster turnaround time and can be orderd in any metric or traditional Imperial sizes as well as everything from the smaller A5’s up to the massive A0 wall frames.

Click here to see a video preview: . You can get more information directly from the company here:

About Get Acrylic Photo Frames

Get Acrylic Photo Frames is focused on bringing superb display products, such as photo frames and printed acrylic panels to businesses and consumers across the UK and Northern Europe. All of their products are designed and manufactured in Britain. Get Acrylic Photo Frames is a trading name of Sunlight Plastics Ltd who are based in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

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