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Crazy Homes Need Custom Acrylic Photo Frames!

In this video, which is courtesy of, you will see the most amazing and crazy homes.

In many of them you won’t find a 90 degree angle in site. That is the reason why I say that only custom acrylic frames would do! The creativity, dedication and expense that has gone into creating these is inspiring in itself.

Custom acrylic photo frames only – Please!

[youtube width="640" height="360" src="//"]

Taking years to complete

It is wonderful for architects and designers to have the opportunity to work on such projects, some of which must take years to complete. For some of these constructions it is hard to imagine where the inspiration came from, but clearly it did.

We will ever see our acrylic photo frames used here?

Perhaps at some point in the future we will get requests for some spectacular designs for photo frames that would look perfectly normal in some of these crazy homes!

Author: Steve Hogg

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