Acrylic Photo Frames: Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Them

When searching for alternatives, you will discover that there are many modern and stylish ways to mount images, however the most popular method has grown to become the use of acrylic photo frames. I dare say that you will be quick to realise just why this is so, especially if you know anything about supply and demand. You have options for contemporary styles that fit well with traditional environments, you have full ranges of sizes in acrylic photo frames from freestanding desktop frames through to large wall frames. Additionally you can choose slightly more ostentatious acrylic photo frames, or restrict yourself to sleek photo frames that allow the pictures to run edge to edge.

Nowadays acrylic photo frames are available from many sources and there are some basics you should know about when making the decision of where to buy your acrylic photo frames from. Sure, you have the options of visiting your local picture frame stores or perhaps the larger department stores and perhaps even grab a bargain at the same time. For an appropiate solution to the challenge of selecting the best photo frames, and more specifically acrylic photo frames, finding an online source who is also an acrylics manufacturer is most likely going to be your very best course of action. In the UK there are a few key acrylic photo frames suppliers who also happen to be manufacturers, and a small amount of research can lead you to them . There are good reasons for doing so. Because of the ease and availability of these acrylic photo frames being discovered online from these sources many end users have already discovered those benefits. To give you an idea of the benefits available, you can readily gain better pricing, wider ranges of stock sizes, easy next day delivery services as well as unique ranges and styles of acrylic photo frames.

When you have the image or images in mind that you want framed you will need to decide whether they will be in wall frames or freestanding desktop acrylic photo frames. For freestanding frames you will be looking at two main types. First of all they are designed to accommodate images up to A4 size, or in photo sizes we are talking about 10×8’s. Next you will want to consider you choices of the thicker magnetic acrylic photo frames, which are typically two 10mm acrylic panels held together with mini magnets at the corners. This type of frame is the easiest to mount your image in as you simply pull the panels apart, place you image in the middle and then let them snap back together. These are perfect for flush fitting images, as in they run edge to edge.The other type is where you have thinner panels, perhaps 2mm or 3mm thick which are held together with 4 screw together corner posts. These acrylic photo frames are ideal for images where you would like a border to surround your image.

You will find that the acrylic photo frames that sandwich your images between a pair of thinner acrylic panels are currently the most sought after. These ones are secured by screw together posts which are positioned at the corners. This style of frame works superbly for all sizes of poster images, ranging from A5 sizes all the way up to A0 images, or if you are talking photo print sizes then 5×7 up to 20×30 prints can be framed beautifully and easily. Further to this you have the options of different coloured back panels completely changing the whole effect. Although you may be able to select from many colours of back panels, the most regularly purchased are the black, clear and white acrylic photo frames versions.

For anybody who visits businesses and institutions of any kind, they will know that acrylic photo frames are being used for display in many of them. They are available in all sizes from freestanding magnetic frames to large acrylic photo frames for your walls. When considering the alternatives, acrylic photo frames have been found to be a universal and simple answer to display challenges in most public and private environments. Last of all, you are able to buy acrylic photo frames online today and you can have them delivered to you by tomorrow ready to use and beautify your environments!

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Author: Steve Hogg

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