Staff Photo Boards

Staff Photo Boards – More Than Just Photo Frames

Staff Photo Boards – The New Rock & Roll!

Acrylic Photo Frames are extremely popular these days and many people are now choosing them to be designed into Staff Photo Boards. The fact is that this is a job for which the photo frames are well suited. Let me explain, when you walk into any organization that you will immediately start to draw an impression. So whether they know it or not, they could benefit from a staff photo board to enhance that impression . They may even have some photo frames on display already.

Acrylic Photo Frames – A Modern Base To Work From

All to often though, when you walk into a foyer or reception area of a company, instead of a decent range of modern acrylic photo frames with great images in, or a decent staff photo board or range of smaller department sized staff photo boards, you are greeted by some cheap ‘motivational’ or ‘words of wisdom’ poster frames that have been selected out of an office supplies catalogue. These poster frames really look like a throw back to the 1990’s and hopefully do not truly represent any current day aspects of the organization itself.

A Positive View With Staff Photo Boards

The solution really is a very simple one. What your organization, be it a company, an educational or a medical institution or some kind of social or sports group, what they need is a display system that truly reflects a positive aspect of them as they are today and one that offers high value. The trick is to use the child of the acrylic photo frames, which is of course, staff photo boards! If you feel that you don’t need to read on, then go here Staff Photo Boards to see a great selection.

A Staff photo Board For Every Occaision

Staff Photo Boards come in every size, style and colour imaginable. They can be custom made or bought off the shelf. As far as size is concerned, available online right now are staff photo boards that take as many 2″x3″ photos as you would want. This image size is absolutely perfect for head and shoulder size shots and displaying them beautifully. You can choose larger, but generally as a photo size on display in a staff photo board, this is unnecessary.

Slot In The Photos As With Acrylic Photo Frames

The way the images are displayed is important to. With the modern acrylic photo frame, it is possible to have the images slot into mini photo pockets, each like a mini photo frame, and when it comes to changing the images, you just slide them out and slot in a new one. As far as staff photo boards are concerned, unless you are using pins and a cork board, there can’t be anything easier or quicker!

Consider The Staff

The sizes of your staff photo boards are the next thing to consider. First you do a head count for the number of staff that you want to be displayed. Will this be your whole workforce, just the office staff, management teams or maybe just the workers in one department. The staff photo boards, as with acrylic photo frames, can be custom made, but generally come in standard sizes that will accommodate most company needs.

Acrylic Is Perfect For Staff Photo BoardsStaff Photo Boards & Acrylic Photo Frames

Being made from acrylic, the staff photo boards can be any colour you choose, although there is nothing sleeker or more contemporary looking than choosing black, white or clear. These will look great in almost any working or social environment. This goes for acrylic photo frames in general.

Protect Your Images With A Screen

Finally, security screens are a good option if there is a risk of tampering with your display. The staff photo boards that have security screens look just as good as those without as they can be made to look like an integral part of the whole photo frame display.

Staff photo Boards & Acrylic Photo Frames Are The Modern Solution

In conclusion, Staff Photo Boards, when made in a similar manner to multi acrylic photo frames look sleek, contemporary and modern. They will truly benefit any organisation and will increase the confidence of your visitors in your group. No doubt, quality Staff Photo Boards and perhaps some stylish images inside Acrylic Photo Frames will lead to a happier and more confident workforce too.

Staff Photo Boards

Staff Photo Boards.

Author: Steve Hogg

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