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staff photo boards

Staff Photo Board

Selecting A Staff Photo Board: All You Need To Know

Get Rid Of You Old Staff Photo Board! Is it time to switch out the antiquated dark and musty personnel photos and update with a new modern twist? Have those old photos been there so long they are faded and there is a dust outline bordering the frames? Does your clientele think they entered a museum by mistake? What is the best way to use the space of the reception area to greet incoming clients? A staff photo board is a beneficial way to portray a welcoming first impression and show off your best assets, your employees. The most professional and manageable way to hang your personnel photos are with the use of an acrylic Staff Photo Board utilizing photo pockets or photo slots. These boards are easily mounted to the wall and are available in various sizes and colours to become a personalized fit for your individual needs. Depending on the size of your organization, you can order a Staff Photo Board to hold just the heads of departments or your entire employee roll. Plan Out Your Staff Photo Board First The initial planning and displaying of your staff photo board will be the biggest time investment you will…

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Staff Photo Board – Looking At Your Best Options

An Easy Guide: Choosing A Staff Photo Board A staff photo board is one of the best ways to easily display numerous photos. The boards are usually styled in either black or white acrylic for a more tasteful appearance. A very common use for the photo boards is to place them in company reception areas. This allows a company to display photos of their employees in a noticeable, full-colour format. Hospitals often use such boards to display photos of the physicians and other staff. They are also frequently used in school settings to display pictures of the students. Security covers are often provided to prevent theft or damage to photos. These covers are often kept locked. What Size your Photos In Your Staff photo Board You will want to consider what size your photos will measure in millimetres. A very typical size for staff photo board pictures is 50mm wide by 74mm. Most companies who create photo boards will create them in the exact size your company or charity requires. Photo board size is another important consideration. Many prefer to order boards that are large enough to be customized with a school or company name. If your reception area has…

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