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An Easy Guide: Choosing A Staff Photo Board

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A staff photo board is one of the best ways to easily display numerous photos. The boards are usually styled in either black or white acrylic for a more tasteful appearance. A very common use for the photo boards is to place them in company reception areas. This allows a company to display photos of their employees in a noticeable, full-colour format. Hospitals often use such boards to display photos of the physicians and other staff. They are also frequently used in school settings to display pictures of the students. Security covers are often provided to prevent theft or damage to photos. These covers are often kept locked.

What Size your Photos In Your Staff photo Board

You will want to consider what size your photos will measure in millimetres. A very typical size for staff photo board pictures is 50mm wide by 74mm. Most companies who create photo boards will create them in the exact size your company or charity requires. Photo board size is another important consideration. Many prefer to order boards that are large enough to be customized with a school or company name. If your reception area has sufficient space, you may consider using a series of smaller boards, rather than one or two larger ones. This allows companies to showcase their employees by department or section. It is usually much easier for viewers to navigate boards that have fewer numbers of photos on them.

A Staff Photo Board To Fit Into Today’s Enviroment

Most modern staff photo boards are made from durable acrylic and come in several colours. Boards that are made of acrylic last longer, and are also easier to clean than other types of boards. White and black are among the most common colours chosen alongside clear acrylics. These offer simplicity, while providing an attractive setting for important photos. You can usually also choose from other bright colours, such as green, red or blue. Customized colour themes are available from most manufacturers to suit the needs of your company more easily. Many a staff photo board can be created with custom background themes that help it to stand out in any sort of setting.

How Many Photos To Have On Your Staff Photo Board

The number of photos, and their placement, is an important consideration as well. Larger companies or schools might wish to use boards with space for 50 or 60 pictures, at a minimum. Pockets or slots are most commonly used to house the photos. Some photo pockets are removable and attach to the board with magnets. Staff Photo Board arrangements that utilise pockets make it easier to add or remove photos according to your needs. Some pockets are made of clear plastic, while others might be in a different colour from the rest of the board to attract more attention. It is easy to add a label underneath each photo to identify the person in the picture.

An Acrylic Staff Photo Board As Your 1st Choice

There are several options available to you when you purchase a staff photo board. Of the choices available, boards with photo pockets / photo slots are your best option. These durable acrylic boards allow your pictures to be swapped around as needed. You will also encounter fewer difficulties in getting the board set up initially. When you use an acrylic staff photo board, you can be fully assured that your photos are properly displayed at all times.

Author: Steve Hogg

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