A3 Frames Are The Hot New Picture Frame size

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A3 Frames are the new black… It seems!

In previous years, large photo frames like the A3 Frames size was thought to be a bit pretentious to have around the home! However, today, all has changed and they are becoming ever more popular. Now they are considered to be one of the most perfect sizes for your walls. Not only that, but the contemporary look of acrylic photo frames are on the ascendency too. The flexibility of these superb products mean that they will be chosen by many people for displaying posters, photos, artwork, documents and advertising materials. Worthy of mention is that in addition to all of this A3 Frames allow for the display of multiple small images right up to flush fitting A3 photos.

Don’t dream of suggesting A3 Frames are too large!

To be fair, A3 frames can be considered by some to a bit large for displaying in a living area, although nowadays this is not the general consensus. I personally consider them to be the perfect size for displaying photos of my family. When deciding on A3 frames a good consideration will be to choose acrylic photo frames because they come in all sizes, wide varieties of colours and look contemporary, sleek and stylish. Some people have typically favoured the choice of using wood, however these days acrylic seems to be surpassing wood and metal frames as a preferred choice because of the cost, durability, contemporary styling, variety and now availability.

One photo at a time? Not with A3 Frames…

Let us be aware that when choosing a frame for your images, selecting a3 frames is not a restriction on the size of image that goes into it. For example, it is easy to put together a collage of small images, or to have a single A4 image with a generous border or even a flush fitting A3 image that runs edge to edge across the whole acrylic photo frame. All can look exceptional and stylish. Further to this the types of images that look great in this frame size a multitudinous! They range from simple family portraits, snapshots, posters, beautiful artwork or even motivational and promotional posters for ones business needs, or messages to your employees. It is no wonder that these acrylic photo frames in the A3 frames size are becoming ever more popular.

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Up until the present day your personal taste and style may have been thought of as quite conservative, which in itself is absolutely fine. Now though, using a3 frames will enable you to easily take a bold step forward in the right direction. Acrylic photo frames with these measurements will enable you to create or support a dynamic looking environment, either at home or at work. Using their simple beauty and elegance, these photo frames will enhance any modern environment that that are put into. Perhaps the only mistake that you could make would be to choose acrylic photo frames that offer up garish contrast in terms of colour. that is easy to avoid! so when making your purchases, other materials for the a3 frames could be selected, however selecting acrylic frames is a preferred option for more and more people these days.

When at home, changing images around within A3 frames is not going to be a regular occurrence. At work though the situation may be completely different. many companies change their advertising materials frequently and this leads on to some of the main benefits of acrylic photo frames. Due to the nature of the fixings, using self assemble style clips, magnets and screw together posts, changing content within an A3 frame is going to be easy and fast when performs regularly. The acrylic material itself is very durable itself and can be stored for long periods of time without detriment to the photo or poster frames themselves. So in summary choosing durable, long lasting acrylic photo frames in the A3 frames size will only enhance your environments and your reputation!

Author: Steve Hogg

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