5 Occasions That Call For Acrylic Photo Frames

Although traditional photo frames are still popular, acrylic photo frames in particular have their place in our lives too. In fact, these Perspex based products are a lot more versatile than people give them credit for. They are much harder to break than traditional frames and allow you to display photographs or flyers in full view. This means that no portion of the image is obscured by the frame itself.

Why should you want to invest in these modern, contemporary frames? Below are a few occasions on which these frames are quite useful.

1. Restaurant Openingsfloating-A3-L

These stylish picture frames are very useful for restaurant openings because they are available in a wide variety of sizes that can fit standard paper sizes. This means you can easily display the new menu or any advertisements that you want people to see. Not only that, but acrylic in a restaurant setting look professional and well thought out.

2. Displaying Store Prices

If you run a store of any kind, especially a furniture store or a thrift store, they are great for clearly displaying your prices & product images. They look professional when presented throughout your store. More importantly, people know exactly how much you’re charging without having to ask which can lead to misunderstandings. For added interest, you can print your prices on coloured paper or next to the product images.

3. Wedding MemorabiliaBlock-A4-L-3d-900

Are you wondering what to give your wedding guests? Acrylic frames, whether they are for the wall or desktop, provide the perfect memorabilia when you allow your guests to insert their favorite photos of the big event. It commemorates a day worth remembering and allows your guests to take home something unique.

4. Moving Into A New Office

Moving into a new office can be tough and you want to add a personal touch. Acrylic photo frames as photo blocks are the perfect addition to an office environment. They are just the right balance between getting too personal and creating an eyesore on your desk. There are numerous design styles when you look for acrylic frames, and they are available as printed photo blocks, freestanding desktop frames and magnetic blocks as well. The different designs allow you to personalize your desk and filing cabinets, keeping the contemporary look of the office space.

5. Winter Holidayssquare acrylic wall print

Christmas is a stressful time of the year and getting everyone the perfect gift can be overwhelming and almost terrifying at the same time. Give your loved ones a treasured photograph in a spectacular framed display. It is not only a personal approach to gift giving, but one that ensures longevity. These modern frames aren’t tacky and they don’t take up a lot of space, but they can personalize any number of rooms in the home.

These image display products are great for a number of occasions as you can see. They also offer the added benefit of being very cost effective and if you’re looking to order bulk, we are the leading British manufacturer and so can help you with that. It is also important to consider that acrylic is durable, optically clearer than glass and stands up to rough handling much better than glass is able to.  If you would like to discover 6 More Great Reasons To Get Acrylic Photo Frames Click HERE

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